Introducing Contact Engagement Scoring: Unlocking Metrics for Effective Lead Nurturing

Announcing Contact Engagement Scoring

We are delighted to announce the introduction of Contact Engagement scoring on the SMBcrm platform. This new feature allows users to assign numerical values to contacts based on their interaction with the platform, effectively offering definite metrics to measure how each contact interacts with your business.

Customizing Your Scoring System

To access this feature, navigate via Settings -> Manage scoring -> Contact Engagement Score. Here, you will have the facility to perform a variety of key functions, starting with editing the name and description of your score profiles.

Edit Score Profile

Not only can you customize your scoring rules, but you can also add new rules or edit existing ones within your score profile. These rules measure the quantification of interactions between your business and its contacts such as email replies, appointments etc.

Rule Customization

You can also assign points to each rule & decide whether these points should be added or subtracted per rule, giving you complete control of how you measure customer interactions.

Practical Application in Conversations

Within the conversations module, users can find scores visibly associated with each contact. This allows for the quick identification of contacts with the highest scores, helping you to effectively prioritize your communications.

Score Display

You can also sort contacts based on their scores, as well as filter contacts based on score ranges. This capacity to segment and target contacts by engagement levels truly enhances the user experience of utilizing the SMBcrm system.

Filtering Options

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the user experience of the SMBcrm system, we believe this new feature will assist greatly in prioritizing and nurturing leads. Contacts with higher scores indicate more promising leads, enabling users to focus their efforts on contacts with higher probabilities of conversion.

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