Introducing Content Control: Mastering the Art of Quantity and Quality

Balancing Quantity and Quality with the Length of Content Feature

We’re continuously innovating to make your content generation faster, easier, and distinctly better. We’ve heard your feedback and we’re excited to unveil an update that lets you control the length of your content right down to individual module.

In the past, users have tried to specify word counts in prompts which often compromised the quality of content. Well, no more! We’ve solved this problem for you. We now provide the ability for you to select the length of content in each module by yourself.

The content-length control is available in various modules as outlined:

Funnel – Paragraph Element

Now, you can manipulate the volume of content within your sales funnel’s paragraph element. This gives you a higher degree of control in crafting compelling narratives for your audience segments.

Funnel - Paragraph Element

Social Planner – Posts

Your social media posts can also benefit from this update. Efficiently calibrate the length of your posts to maximize engagement on different social media platforms.

Social Planner - Posts

Email Builder – Text Content

Avoid overstuffed or skimpy emails. Tweak the text content length in your emails for robust, engaging, and concise messages that awe your prospects.

Email Builder - Text Content

Blog – Section Option

Last, but definitely not least, our new feature extends to the blog section option. Control your blog’s word count to generate comprehensive and digestible pieces that keep your audience hooked.

Blog - Section Option

Remember, the key to exceptional content lies in the balance of quantity and quality. At SMBcrm, we believe this latest update affords you just that! To understand how this new feature can benefit you, be sure to request a demo from our team.

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