Introducing Conversation AI: Revolutionizing Business Communication and Appointment Scheduling

Introducing our New Feature – Conversation AI


SMBcrm is excited to announce the launch of our latest addition, Conversation AI. This cutting-edge feature is redesigned to change the business communication landscape by amplifying involvement and expediting appointment scheduling. Working in a suggestive mode, the Conversation AI extends up to three response recommendations for user queries in texting engagements, Facebook, or Instagram discussions.

What’s Unveiled? 💡

Conversation AI Bot’s Suggestive Mode 🤖: This unique feature delivers guidance, details, and support in a conversational manner. As you click on the “Type a Message” box on the Conversations page, up to three responses are recommended by the bot, making for a seamless communication experience.

Turning On Suggestive Mode for a Location 📍

  • Go to Location Settings
  • Look for the Conversation AI tab under Business Services
  • This section can be employed for bot configuration and settings.


The bot is set up to simplify business appointment booking by addressing customer inquiries and providing booking/calendar links to contacts who demonstrate interest in scheduling an appointment.

We are offering various Supported Channels 📡 : Choose your preferred communication channels, such as SMS, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also look forward to Google My Business (GMB) support.

Link your Calendar 📆: Select a calendar for each location from a dropdown list. This calendar’s booking/scheduling link would be sent to the contacts.

The Conversation Flow 💬 runs as per a series of questions designed to figure out the services the contact is looking for, where they aim to avail these services, and if they are keen on scheduling an appointment. The booking link will be shared once all the queries are positively responded to.


Tailor your bot’s reactions as per your preferences with Customize Bot Responses 🛠️. Align them with your clients’ business and services. This important measure empowers the bot to gain a better understanding of client businesses and adapt its responses accordingly. Once these steps are completed, your Conversation AI bot is all set to help on the “Conversation Page”. A simple click on the “Type a Message” box will activate the bot, providing the user with 3 possible responses that they can deliver to the contact directly.


For details on Pricing and Billing 💰, check: Leads-365 Pricing

This powerful addition brings the might of AI to your business conversations, enhancing engagement, and simplifying appointment booking. We are enthusiastic to see how Conversation AI will revolutionize your business interactions! 🚀

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