Introducing Conversion Metrics for Email Campaigns

Introducing Conversion Metrics for Email Campaigns

We’re excited to present a game-changing feature in our email marketing analytics: Conversion Metrics! This new feature will allow you to delve into the performance of your email campaigns by tracking revenue attribution directly from our platform.

Benefits of Conversion Metrics

Make Informed Decisions

With Conversion Metrics, you can pinpoint the exact revenue generated by each email campaign. This crucial data will allow you to draw informed insights and make decisions based on the direct impact your campaigns have on sales.

Flexibility in Attribution

Adjust the attribution window to best suit your analytical needs. The default setting allows you to view the influence of campaigns on customer decisions within a 5-day window. However, this window can be extended to up to 60 days if you require a more extended view.

How Conversion Metrics Works

The Conversion Metrics feature uses the “last touched” campaign logic, attributing revenue to the most recent email campaign that influenced a purchase. Within the default 5-day window, the last opened or clicked email campaign gets credit for any conversions or sales made.

Let’s look at an example for a better understanding. Say, on Day 1, you send an email to a subscriber who opens it. On Day 4, they make a purchase. The Conversion Metrics would attribute the revenue to the email from Day 1, as it falls within the 5-day window. However, if the purchase takes place, say on Day 12, the revenue wouldn’t be attributed to the initial email.

To leverage this new feature:

  • Go to the Email Campaign Statistics located under the Marketing Section.
  • Under “Conversion Metrics,” you’ll see your revenue attribution statistics.
  • If you’d like to adjust the attribution window (default is 5 days), head to the settings page.

Conversion Metrics

For more detailed guidance on using Conversion Metrics, visit our Help Documents on Customizing Attribution Settings and Accessing the Metrics.

Don’t miss out on exploring this exciting new addition to your email campaign analytics toolbox. Let Conversion Metrics help you make data-driven marketing choices for improved outcomes. As always, we’re here to support you and look forward to bringing you more platform enhancements in the future. Happy analyzing!

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