CSV Import for Opportunities

New Product Update – Importing Opportunities!

We are thrilled to introduce a powerful new feature to streamline your sales process: CSV File Importing for Opportunities! This feature, now live in Labs under account settings, enables seamless creation and updating of opportunities via CSV file import.

What’s New?

  • CSV File Import: Easily create and update opportunities by importing data from a CSV file.
  • Seamless Integration: Bring in your opportunities from any platform effortlessly.
  • Field Mapping: Map all your fields—standard or custom—with the fields in your imported file.
  • Tagging: Add tags to your imported opportunities for better organization and tracking.
  • Bulk Actions Page: Check the status of your imported opportunities on a brand-new bulk actions page.
  • Clean Stats & Error Resolution: View detailed stats on the number of imported opportunities, success rates, and errors. Follow clear error resolution steps for a hassle-free import experience.

How to Use

  1. Go to Labs > Account SettingsEnable “Bulk Opportunities Import”.
    Enable Import
  2. Go to OpportunitiesUnder the kebab menu (3 dots menu), find the option to “Import Opportunities”.
    Find Import Option
    Import Option Kebab
  3. Start Importing

Select “Opportunities” and proceed to the next step.
Select Opportunities

  1. Upload FileIn the next step, upload the file and select whether you’d like to create or update opportunities.
    Read more about preparing your file for import here.
    Upload File
  2. Map FieldsMap all the columns in the CSV file to the corresponding columns in your file.
    Map Fields
  3. Review and Confirm

Review the mapping and confirm bulk action. Optionally, add tags to the contacts associated with these opportunities.
Review and Confirm

  1. Monitor ImportUnder Bulk Actions in Opportunities, monitor your import and check their status.
    Business software interface displaying completed import operations.
  2. Show StatsClick on “Show Stats” to see more details about your import. Check information about Success and Errors, and follow steps to resolve issues.
    Screenshot of CRM software bulk import statistics page.
  3. View Details

Under the 3 dots, click on “View Details” to get more information.
Screenshot of a business software bulk actions screen.


  • Effortless Migration: Transition opportunities from different platforms smoothly and efficiently.
  • Customizable Import: Ensure all your important data is accurately captured by mapping custom fields.
  • Enhanced Organization: Use tags to categorize and manage imported opportunities effectively.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Track the progress and success of your imports in real-time, with comprehensive stats and easy error resolution.

Import your opportunities with ease and keep your pipeline up-to-date with just a few clicks.

Note: Currently, creating opportunities requires you to fetch information like pipeline ID and stage ID by exporting opportunities. We plan to bring in importing using Pipeline name and Stage name in upcoming releases.

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