Introducing Custom Code: Acquire More Power and Control

Introducing Custom Code: Acquire More Power and Control

Are you looking for a tool that offers more flexibility and control to automate complex tasks and integrate with other services? If yes, we are thrilled to introduce a new feature – Custom Code. This premium tool takes the power of automation to another level, as it allows users to create custom logic not currently available in our existing ecosystem.

How to Use the Custom Code?

Adding the Custom Code Action
Adding the custom code is easy, in the workflows select the “+” icon, search for “Custom Code” and add it as an action.

Selection of Programming Language
The power of JavaScript is now at your disposal. By default, our Custom Code feature recognizes this language.

Inclusion of Properties
Want to use values from the triggers or actions above the custom code right in your code? That’s where the property field comes into use. The InputData dictionary allows you to reference values from previous steps. You can assign a value to it by selecting the value through the custom value picker.

Putting Your Stamp with Code Editor
Write your own JavaScript code within the code editor. To make your task easier, we provide a sample code for reference. The output must also be written in the code formatter and should be a JavaScript Object or Array of Objects.

Test before Finalizing
Before finalizing, test the code by clicking on the “Run Test” button. Testing is a mandatory step, and only after successful testing, the output of the code can be used in the later steps.

Note to Remember

While testing, only contact information will be passed, not custom value. Also, make sure to use key names and map values from previous steps using the Property fields.

Dive into the world of custom logic creation with our new Custom Code feature, and harness the power of flexibility and control.

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