Introducing Custom Security Headers for Enhanced Website Protection

We’re excited to announce a robust new feature designed to enhance the security of your funnels and websites. Moving forward, users will have the ability to add custom security headers, promoting their site’s security and safeguarding against external attacks and vulnerabilities.

Feature Highlights:

Customizable Security Tab: We’ve added a new security tab in the funnel/website detail page. You can readily add custom security headers designed to make your online presence safter, more secure.

Full Control over Headers: Security headers play a key role in protecting your website. Previously, you lacked the ability to configure these crucial elements. With this new update, you gain full control to configure security headers just as you can on other online platforms.

Header Configuration Image

No Limitations: There are no boundaries or restrictions. Feel empowered to configure your security headers in a way that best fits your unique needs.

How It Works:

  1. Select any funnel or website.
  2. Navigate to the newly added Security Tab.
  3. Click on ‘add security header’.
  4. In the modal, enter your desired security header and corresponding value.
  5. Click ‘save’, and apply these changes.

Security Tab
Adding Security Header

This latest update reaffirms our commitment to providing you with an intuitive, secure, and user-friendly experience. You can learn more about other great ways to take full advantage of your account by visiting our FAQ’s.

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