Introducing Customizable Conversation Flow and Enhanced Security: Boosting Conversation AI Capabilities

New Enhancements to Boost Conversation AI: Introducing Greater Flexibility and Improved Dialogue Flow ๐Ÿค–

We're thrilled to introduce significant improvements to our Conversation AI capabilities. With our users in mind, these advancements aim to provide greater flexibility and considerably enhance the conversational flow, creating a more customized experience for your business needs.


๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Customize Your Conversation Flow:

Our new feature allows users to add and edit questions within the Conversation Flow, helping guide the AI Bot to better suit your specific business needs and requirements. This highly requested feature provides businesses with the autonomy to configure their own set of questions for the bot to ask before providing the appointment booking link. In addition, we've significantly upgraded the bot to follow the Conversation Flow more effectively. This results in a smoother transition between general Q/A and the conversation flow, creating a seamless conversational experience.

โž• Enhancing Security in Appointment Booking:

While our previous bot variant occasionally bypassed the conversation flow and directly sent the booking link, our upgraded bot design rectifies this issue. We have introduced measures to enhance the security and maintain a consistent dialogue structure. The revised bot is now programmed to return to the conversation flow after the general Q/A session, ensuring it abides by the planned sequence of dialogue.

These enhancements are specially designed to not only improve your journey with our Conversation AI but also to provide more control over the bot's conversation with end users.

As always, we highly value all forms of feedback and eagerly look forward to understanding how you find these enhancements and where we can further improve.

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