Introducing Drip Action: Enhance Your Workflow Management Control

Great news for our users! We're always focused on continuously improving our services to ensure your experience with our software is as seamless and intuitive as possible. We're excited to announce a new feature, Drip Action.

With Drip Action, you can now limit or prevent a high number of simultaneous executions. This means you have added control on your activity flow, exponentially enhancing your workflow management.

The process to set the batch size is straightforward. Simply enter the next step in a defined number for the given interval, and you're all set.



Our aim is always to augment and streamline our users' experience. This new feature allows you to have a refined level of control on your account's actions, helping with efficiency and productivity.

If you're not yet using our workflow management tools loaded with such innovative features, we recommend you to try them today! Visit our request a demo page, and we’ll be happy to help.

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Introducing SMBcrm

We are thrilled to announce that SMBcrm has evolved!

We have embraced a new identity as SMBcrm, reflecting our enhanced commitment to provided tailored CRM solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.