Introducing: Dynamic Intent-Switching Feature in Conversation AI

New Dynamic Intent-Switching Feature in Conversation AI

We are excited to introduce an innovative feature in our Conversation AI: dynamic intent-switching. This new feature significantly enhances your management of customer interactions by providing immediate, personalized assistance.

An Overview of How this Feature Works

The dynamic intent-switching feature operates in three steps:

  1. Appointment Detection
    When someone contacts your business, the system instantly looks into their data. If there’s an active, confirmed appointment, the recognition triggers the dynamic intent-switching feature.
  2. Intent Switch
    Previously, our Conversation AI was locked in the ‘Appointment’ intent. However, with the new update, the bot now automatically switches to the ‘General Support’ intent when it identifies a live appointment.
  3. Contextual Conversations

This shift allows the bot to engage in discussions based on its new intent. Whether your customer needs specific support or general information related to their appointment, the AI can offer appropriate aid, ensuring a smoother interaction.

This dynamic intent-switching feature is now live and is designed to deliver seamless, personalized customer support. We believe this update will improve your customer’s experience, making interactions more relevant and effective.

Check out our latest product updates for more information on improvements designed to enhance your customer service capabilities.

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