Introducing Effortless and Personalized Member Invitations

Simplified and Personalized Members Invitation Experience!

We are excited to announce some fantastic enhancements on how you can invite new members to your community on SMBcrm! Inviting your team members or clients to our platform has been made easier, more sleek, and extremely personalized than ever.

Invite by Email

Community admins and owners can now effortlessly kick-start the invitation process directly from the 'People' tab. Simply click the new 'Invite Member' button, and you'll be all set to get your people on board. This direct invitation system eliminates the need for users to search or find your community themselves. It's as direct and straightforward as it gets.

Personalized Invitations

We understand the importance of a personal touch when inviting members to your community. Therefore, admins can now input the person's name and email address when sending out an invitation. This thoughtful addition means so much more than a general invite when establishing connections.

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Granting Admin Privileges

Elevate your community management with our new feature that allows admins and owners to gift admin privileges to the invited member as they join. This extended control and access can help make the community management process more seamless and dynamic than ever.

Automated Email Notifications

To make things even easier, an automatic email notification will be dispatched to the invited person immediately you click the 'Invite' button. This action further eases the invitation process, saving you time and ensuring a prompt response.


We hope that these enhancements will enrich your interactions and foster more engagement within your [communities] on SMBcrm!For more information on how to take advantage of these exciting new features, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Introducing SMBcrm

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