Introducing: Elevate Your Form and Survey Designs with Line and Box Style Options

Introducing a New Level of Customization: Line and Box Style Options for our Form and Survey Builder

We are beyond thrilled to begin this week announcing an exciting new feature that will add flair to your form and survey designs like never before! Our development team has been tirelessly working to create a feature that would give you, our versatile users, more control over structuring your forms and surveys.

What is this New Enhancement?

This new enhancement prominently features the Line and Box Style Option. You read that correctly. We are stepping up your form game by giving you the capacity to add unique lines and separators to your form inputs, dramatically elevating the aesthetic appeal of your forms, and streamlining data collection.

What Does the Line and Box Style Option Offer?

With the Line and Box Style option, you can now:

  1. Customize Line Type Styles: Separating form inputs is effortless with the introduction of stylish line dividers. Choose a line style, solid, dashed, dotted, etc., that complements your form and survey theme.

  2. Leverage Box Styles: Transform survey inputs into chic boxes that not only catch the eye but also improve readability by providing a distinct boundary for every field.

  3. Guarantee Responsive Design: No matter the access device – a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, our design adapts efficiently without losing its finishing touch, ensuring your respondents receive a rewarding experience.

Get Started With the New Line and Box Style

Here's how you can take advantage of this feature:

  • While designing your form or survey, navigate to the style tabs. Select either line style or box style for the input (Box Style is the default).

  • For a line style, use the Fields Style section in Style tab to choose your preferred style and customize its appearance. With real-time changes preview, aligning designs becomes effortless.

  • For a box style, adjust the parameters like border color, border thickness, and padding in the Fields Style section in Style Tab to enhance your input fields to modern and sophisticated boxes.

Once you've aced the design with line styles and boxes, save and publish your form. Rest assured, your respondents are in for a treat with this polished look and feel.

👀 Sneak Peek Into What's New

Don't just take our word for it; check out these new designs!

New Designs

Seize this opportunity to captivate your audience with form and survey designs that stand out. Start tweaking your design now by visiting SMBcrm.

In case you missed our last product announcement, here it is: Revolutionary Survey Template Library. Stay informed about more updates by regularly visiting our product updates page. Happy designing!

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