Introducing: Elevating User Experience with Contact Engagement Score

Elevating User Experience with Contact Engagement Score

We continuously strive to deliver enhanced functionalities that take your actions and decisions in customer management one step further. With this purpose, we are excited to introduce the feature of Contact Engagement Score. The newly added contact engagement score will empower you to see and update the engagement score for any contact from the conversation screen.

Insightful Conversation Page

Starting with the conversation page, you will now find a Contact Engagement Score section on the right panel. This allows you to monitor real-time engagement with each of your contacts right from the conversation screen. Having this score within your grasp can enable more relevant and informed communication efforts.

Enhanced Contact Smart-list

In our endeavour to bolster your user experience, we have also made significant enhancements to the Contact Smart-list. Now, users can see Engagement Scores for all contacts as we bring published score profiles as a column. It makes it easier for you to assess the engagement levels while working with your smart-list.

Moreover, better data management is now possible with our Import and Export feature that now allows Engagement scores to be both imported and exported.

Furthermore, to provide more customized filtering options while dealing with engagement scores, we have added a new filter bucket called Contact Engagement Score. You can now apply filters on scores with several filter operators like ‘Score empty’, ‘Not empty’, ‘Less than’, ‘Greater than’ and ‘In between’ readily available.

Improved Contact Details Page

Last, but not the least, we have incorporated Contact Engagement Score in the Contact Details page too. Located in the left panel, it enables users to access and update the Engagement Score right from the contact details screen, providing you with a more seamless workflow.

We hope these enhancements will pave the way for a more productive and intuitive user journey. Feel free to reach out to us should you have any queries or need further clarity.

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