Introducing Email Notifications: Streamline Your Workflow with Real-Time Updates

We’re excited to announce a powerful new feature addition to help streamline your work: Email Notifications for Form/Survey Submissions.

Whether you’re managing surveys for market research or collecting lead data through forms, these real-time notifications will keep you abreast of every incoming response.

Pivotal Feature: Your New Email Notifications Tool

Our user-friendly email notification feature allows immediate notification for any form and survey responses. Now, you can be prompt in your reaction time to user feedback or lead behavior.

The Email Notifications tool is easy to spot — simply look out for the notification icon in the secondary header. Once located, you can use the conveniently placed sidebar on the right to configure your settings.

A Closer Look at How Email Notifications Work

Our design philosophy is to simplify processes for our users. We’ve followed this trend in implementing our Email Notifications feature.

We have added a new Notification option (represented by a Bell icon) in the secondary header. Clicking on the Bell icon will open the Email Notifications sidebar, where you can configure your email settings with ease.

In the Email Notifications sidebar, you will find options to:

  • Set the email subject. If left empty, the form or survey name will be automatically added.
  • Enter the email “To” addresses. You can now enter multiple email addresses. After you type them in, they’ll automatically convert to email tags.
  • Enter the Sender Name. If left empty, the location or agency name will be used.

Remember to hit “Save” on your notification settings when you’re done, and with your form/survey, to set the ball rolling.

We believe this update will significantly improve your workflow efficiency and response time. Let us know how it’s working out for you. Feel free to contact us for any further assistance with this new feature.

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