Introducing Email Verification for Forms and Surveys

Exciting New Update: Introducing Email Verification for Forms and Surveys

We are delighted to introduce a new feature to our Forms and Surveys module: Email Verification. This added functionality enhances our commitment to gather accurate and verified data, offering a more streamlined experience for users.

Salient Features

Email Verification Button: Now, next to the email input field in your forms and surveys, you will notice a “Verify Email” button.

Unique Verification Code: To confirm their email addresses, users will receive a distinctive verification code via email. This code needs to be keyed in the form or survey.

Improved Data Accuracy: This feature has been designed to reduce errors and fraudulent submissions dramatically. It assures that the email addresses collected are valid and genuine, meaning users have access to them.

Smooth User Journey: The process has been made to be intuitive, guiding users systematically through the verification step.

Clearly Marked Verified Emails: Alongside this email verification feature, a “Verified Email” field has been added in form and survey submissions. When an email is successfully verified, it will be labelled as “Yes” in this field, making it easy to identify verified emails.

The Process

  1. The user enters their email address in the specified space of a form or survey.
  2. A “Verify Email” button pops up when a valid email is entered.
  3. The user clicks this button, which triggers a unique verification code to the entered email.
  4. To confirm their email address, the user needs to input this code back into the form or survey.

The Benefit

This email verification feature is a strategic response to the requirement for yielding quality leads. By ensuring that email addresses are confirmed, we can substantially lower the odds of acquiring incorrect data. This improvement benefits both the data collectors and the users, ultimately leading to a better, smoother experience.


Thanks for your continuous support. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this new feature. If you have any queries, please reach out to our support team.

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