Introducing Enhanced A2P Compliance Checkbox

New Consent Checkbox for Enhanced A2P Compliance

The newest version of our platform has just landed, accruing with it a game-changing enhancement to our Chat Widget. The update introduces a Consent Checkbox, which allows you to integrate a consent request right into your chat widget settings. In practice, your contacts would see the checkbox when providing their phone numbers or email during a chat.

Consent is an essential part of digital communication, especially in the context of A2P 10 DLC regulations. The newly added Consent Checkbox caters directly to these compliance requirements and helps you avoid possible compliance issues with telecom providers.

Setting up the Consent Checkbox is a smooth sailing process. First, you need to select a default type between SMS/Email and Live Chat. The Widget Window offers you the ability to include a legal message for consent. A “show consent checkbox” option fulfills this purpose. The checkbox is enabled by default, but you can disable it if you wish.

Nonetheless, keeping the checkbox enabled is advised because it allows you to capture vital data such as consent and the contact’s IP address during their appointment booking process.

Personalize to Match Your Standards

In the spirit of meeting your specific needs, the new update allows you to change the text in the checkbox as per your require. This flexibility helps you adapt to the legal requirements that apply to your business model.

Consent Checkbox in Use
Consent Checkbox Configured

Advantages of the Latest Update

The addition of the Consent Checkbox bolsters the platform’s ability to meet the emerging A2P regulations. It gives you control over the collection of phone information while letting you customize the Terms & Conditions.

At SMBcrm, we continuously work to improve your experience. The enhanced functionality in the chat widget ushers in a new level of control and compliance, giving you a robust toolset to tackle the challenges of contemporary digital communication.

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