Introducing Enhanced Attribution Reporting: Uncover Deeper Insights Into Your Business Performance

Enhanced Attribution Reporting

We are pleased to announce the launch of phase 2 of our revamped Attribution Reporting. This newly upgraded feature was designed with an aim to offer deeper insights into various key aspects like revenue, leads, opportunities, and sessions. This advanced attribution reporting comes with a variety of data points and a fresh design.

New Features & Improvements

We have incorporated several new features and improvements to enhance your experience and provide meaningful insights into your business.

Top Stats Overview

Right at your first glance, you will see cardinal metrics like Revenue Closed, Opportunities Won, Total Leads, and Total Sessions. This overview will provide a snapshot of your main performance metrics to assess your business health at a glance.

Revamped Statistics Tab

Based on popular demand, we have reintroduced the statistics tab. This upgraded tab aims to provide a quicker and more transparent understanding of your data, showcasing the following:

  • Revenue Closed
  • Opportunities Won
  • Total Leads
  • Total Sessions

Image of Revamped Statistics Tab

Custom Dashboards

These stat cards are laying down the foundation for our upcoming Location Dashboard, where you will be able to design a personalized dashboard to view your unique data more effectively.

Revenue Generated Chart

We also have our brand new revenue-generated chart ready to pinpoint the dates contributing the most revenue to your business.

Image of Revenue Generated Chart

Internationalization Support

In our continued effort to improve our usability, our updated section is now multilingual with the help of our internationalization feature. This allows users from around the globe to effectively use our platform in their native language.

Dive right in, explore, and harness the power of these advanced data points to boost your business!

For any queries or further information, please feel free to contact us.

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Enjoy exploring new features and continuously upgrading your user experience with SMBcrm!