Introducing Enhanced Collaboration: Connect Your Team with Contact Followers

Exciting Feature Update: Enhanced Collaboration Capabilities with Contact Followers

We're delighted to announce the implementation of a much-anticipated feature in our Contacts — the ability to add Followers and grant multiple users on your team access to the same contact. This exciting new feature fosters effective team collaboration and enhances the organization's efficiency.

Introducing the "Followers" Feature in Contact Details

In the contact editing page, we've introduced a new "Followers" field. This multi-select dropdown feature lists all users in your account, offering the ability to assign multiple team members to follow a single contact.

Followers Feature Image

Select Up to 10 Users to Follow a Contact

With this new feature, you can now select up to 10 users to follow a contact, allowing for a higher level of collaboration amongst your team members.

Fostering Transparency: Visibility for Followers

When the "only assigned data is ON" setting is activated, all the contacts that a user follows will be visible to them. This provides followers with visibility and promotes responsibility while handling contact information.

Empowering Your Team: The Permissions for Followers

Followers will have the same permissions as owners. These permissions include access to view and edit the contact's information – working in the same capacity as a contact owner.

Streamlined Functionality: Enhanced Owner Dropdown

To further streamline access and improve user-email search, we’ve enhanced the owner selection process. Now you can directly search for owners in the dropdown field using their name or email.

A Few Pointers to Remember

While the new follower feature fosters enhanced collaboration and efficiency, there are certain restrictions to follow. Particularly, when the "only assigned data is ON" setting is active, followers cannot alter the owner of the contact. This restriction holds especially true for users with the 'Account USER' type.

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Tap into the potential of this new functionality to boost collaboration and productivity within your team! If you're interested in learning more about this feature or want to explore how it could benefit your business operations, don't hesitate to contact us.