Introducing Enhanced Compliance Adherence: New Terms and Conditions Feature for A2P Compliance

New Terms and Conditions Feature for Compliance with A2P

We are excited to reveal a brand new feature that we've added to our services, paving the way for enhanced compliance adherence. As part of our ongoing commitment to meet international compliance standards, we introduce the addition of a Terms and Conditions element to the survey builder.

What's New?

In an effort to adhere to the forthcoming A2P (Application-to-Person) regulations in the United States, our team has incorporated the Terms and Conditions (T & C) element into the survey builder. This is significant as it enables users to include consent for the potentially sensitive task of phone information collection.

With this new feature:

  • The T & C element will be automatically added whenever the phone element is inserted within the form.
  • Users have the flexibility to add the T & C element separately if required.
  • Utilization of the T & C element in survey entries aids in maintaining compliance with A2P norms.
  • Text and link colors within the T & C section can be customized, offering an array of options to match your brand or design preferences.

Key Benefits of Integrating Terms and Conditions

By incorporating the Terms and Conditions element, users can enjoy both the benefit of enhanced compliance adherence as well as heightened customizability options. Specifically, the addition of the T & C element ensures that our surveys remain compliant with the latest A2P regulations. Additionally, users can now customize the presence of the T & C element as needed, tailoring it to match their specific needs.

As always, these changes are made with the objective of providing a better user experience, and your feedback is highly valuable to us in achieving this goal.

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