Introducing Enhanced Connect Call Action in IVR

New Feature Announcement: Enhancements to Connect Call Action in IVR

We’re excited to announce a significant enhancement to our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) functionality – the “Assigned User” option in Connect Call action. This addition into our interface is aimed at improving user experience by providing a more tailored and efficient communication process.

A Closer Look at the “Assigned User” Option

The enhancement allows the system to connect the caller to their Assigned User automatically. This option comes in handy, especially in the Sales and Services field, where returning customer calls are frequent. The Assigned User feature ensures that customers always communicate with the same representative, fostering better relationships and facilitating effective communication by building on past interactions.

New Feature

This process simplifies call management, streamlining customer experiences by connecting them with the most familiar voice and individual from your team.

How “Assigned User” Streamlines Call Management

Using the Assigned User option within the Connect Call action ensures an efficient and tailored customer experience by logically routing calls. This addition is designed to improve customer satisfaction by making interactions feel more personalized and seamless.

It eliminates the hassle of explaining needs or requests repeatedly to different service representatives by directing the caller to their designated representative. This functionality ensures consistent experiences for repeat customers and nurtures stronger client relationships.

This enhancement is part of our continuous efforts to provide an innovative and user-friendly platform for lead management. To learn how these enhancements can streamline your customer service, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or request a demo.

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