Introducing Enhanced Contacts Page with Payment History Display

We wish to keep our users well informed about updates made to improve their experience and efficiency on our platform. In line with this, we have recently updated the Contacts page. The newly updated Contacts page can now display the payment information of each contact. This is highly beneficial in giving you an immediate overview of the financial history with each client.

Hassle-Free Access to Payment History

The updated page makes it easy to scroll through payments made, invoices sent, and subscriptions associated with that specific contact along with their payment status. Information is power, and knowing your client’s payment history can help you make knowledgeable decisions and strategies in your future transactions. By default, you can view the last five entries for each category, which gives a brief yet comprehensive financial history exchange with each contact. However, if you want a more detailed view, you can click to view more.

Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 11

Quick Charge Functionality

In addition to displaying the customer’s LTV, we are also excited to introduce a feature that allows charging a custom amount to the contact without leaving the contact details page. This new feature streamlines the billing process, ultimately saving time, and making it more efficient.


We hope you will find this new feature beneficial and that it will add ease and efficiency to your customer management. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, feedback, or issues.

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