Introducing Enhanced Domain Connect: Effortlessly Manage URL Redirects for www Domains

We are thrilled to announce a user-friendly upgrade to our Domain Connect service. Now, you can effortlessly implement URL redirects with wildcard “*” support for www domains. This enhancement simplifies domain management and automates the process, thereby reducing the need for manual DNS configuration.

What’s New?

You can now set up URL redirects for complete www domains directly in Domain Connect. This upgrade streamlines the process, making DNS configuration more accessible.

The Pain Point We’re Addressing

This update negates wrestling with complex DNS settings for URL redirects. Now, the system automatically provides a solution for redirecting all subpaths from a www domain, making domain management considerably smoother.

Why This Update Matters

This update changes the game by conserving time and broadening our market coverage. Support teams can now spend less time on domain-related issues as this new feature covers a majority portion of domains added to our platform.

Benefits of the Enhanced Domain Connect

With our latest upgrade, you can expect the following advantages:

Simplified Setup

The upgrade enables automatic URL redirect setup for www domains, making the process head and tail.

Time Conscious

Users can now quickly establish their desired redirects, without the hassles of manual configuration.

Enhanced Security

Our upgraded version of Domain Connect offers a secure method for managing domain redirects.


Our new Domain Connect allows for seamless connections to various services and applications.

Dive into the How!

Navigate to the “Domain” tab and choose “Add Domain”. Enter your root domain or subdomain. If you’re including “www”, use the toggle option to decide whether to add the root domain.
Click “Next”. On clicking “Authorize”, the system automatically handles DNS record creation. After authorization, return to Domain Connect. The system will update the necessary entries for your domain’s connection. For domains hosted elsewhere, manual configuration is still available.

CleanShot 2024-01-23 at 14

CleanShot 2024-01-23 at 14

Subsequent to the above steps, one can easily set URL redirects for www domains.

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For more assistance or information, feel free to contact us! Our support team is here to help you. Manage your domains better now with the latest update of our Domain Connect service!