Introducing Enhanced Email Campaign Segmentation

Enhancing Email Campaigns with Multiple SmartList and Tags

In our continuous quest to improve how you build and execute your digital marketing campaigns, we’re excited to bring you an enhancement that simplifies the process of target audience segmentation. Now, you can utilize multiple smartlists and tags to define your sender lists, eliminating the need for manual list compilation.

Problems Solved by This Enhancement

Tackling Manual List Compilation

Traditional methods of campaign audience curation included creating custom lists for each campaign or manually adding contacts, both of which are tedious and time-consuming activities.

Minimizing Inefficiencies and Oversights

The previous approach often led to oversight and inefficiency, affecting the accuracy and completeness of target lists for campaigns. With this enhancement, you can now rectify these issues by relying on the automated process of merging different smartlists for more refined segmentation.

What Led to This Development?

We developed this feature in response to feedback from our users. Our aim was to eliminate inefficiencies associated with manual list compiling and provide a more user-friendly experience. With this new feature, you can enjoy an enhanced efficiency in creating targeted sender lists for campaigns.

How Does It Work?

Using the new feature to send multiple smartlists and tags while scheduling email campaigns is easy. Here’s a simple step-by-step process:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Emails > Campaigns
  2. Create the Email using a template and save the content with custom elements.
  3. Click on the Send or Schedule button to access scheduling options and other details.
  4. In the ‘recipient details’ section, you’ll find an option to select contacts, smartlist and tags. You can select more than one smartlist or tags.
  5. The system will apply an ‘AND’ condition to deliver unique contact emails, thereby filtering out duplicates.
  6. If you’re adding individual contacts, you can even have a custom view for only selected users, simplifying your viewer list.

Please note: This release supports adding multiple tags or smartlist, and does not yet support the combination of multiple tags and smartlists.

This enhancement promises to take your email marketing game a notch higher by enabling you to curate dynamic target audiences with unprecedented ease and accuracy.

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