Introducing: Enhanced Email Reporting and More Precise Statistics

Exciting New Updates: Enhanced Email Reporting and More Precise Statistics

We're thrilled to announce an important product update that will significantly improve your user experience with SMBcrm. Now, a simplified interface in our Email Builder ensures uniformity in statistics when you're managing your email marketing campaigns.

What Has Changed?

You might have noticed earlier that when bulk actions were performed in the Email Builder, there were slight discrepancies in the open count calculations. This was because Email Builder was calculating the data based on the total emails delivered, while bulk actions showed data based on the sent count.

Additionally, there might have been some confusion due to varying terminology usage, such as "attempted" and "successful," leading to potential misunderstandings. Also, skipped emails were factored into error statistics, making it seem like they were a part of hard bounce and soft bounce metrics.

The Improvements

But worry no longer! We have made significant changes and deployed smart solutions to improve precision and simplify the user interface.

Simplified User Interface (UI)

We have redesigned the UI to align it with bulk actions, consequently reducing ticket counts and enhancing the user experience. You can now easily navigate through the interface and enjoy a more streamlined user journey.

Enhanced Visual Representation with Charts

To help you better comprehend your email performance, we've added a chart that illustrates the status of your sent emails over time. These graphs provide a clear visual interpretation of your email campaign, making it easy to analyze the effectiveness of your strategy.

Standardized Open Rate Calculation

We have now adopted the industry-standard formula for calculating the Open rate: Open Count/Sent. This approach brings us in line with market competitors, and ensures consistency in reporting metrics. As a result, you'll have a clearer understanding of your email performance, making your email marketing experience even more effective.

Wrapping up

These improvements are part of our ongoing commitment to providing you with the exceptional experience you deserve. Start using the upgraded Email Builder now and enhance your email marketing strategy.

Remember, if you experience any issues or have any questions, our dedicated team is always ready to help. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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