Introducing Enhanced Flexibility and Control with the New Configure Bot Intent Tab

Exciting Changes to Conversation AI Bot

We are delighted to unveil the new Configure Bot Intent Tab in our Conversation AI—an update that brings more flexibility and control to your bot interactions!

New Intent

Say hello to a New Intent : Support and General Q/A (Auto-Enabled) feature. This feature allows the bot to respond to user queries, focusing its efforts on handling general queries and providing superior support for a seamless user experience.

Direct Appointment Booking

The update also introduces Direct Appointment Booking in Appointment Booking Intent. Now, the bot can actively request date and time information from the contact, suggest suitable slots, and book the appointment based on the preferred slot of the contact.

How to Use the Configure Bot Intent Tab

Accessing these powerful features is now easy. Start by navigating to the Conversation AI Settings page. Here, you'll find the new Configure Bot Intent Tab, which allows you to customize the bot's intentions to suit your unique needs.

Scenarios of Different Bot Intent Configurations

Here are a few examples of how you can utilize the Configure Bot Intent Tab:

Only Support and General Q/A Enabled:

If you enable only the Support and General Q/A, the bot will focus solely on providing support and responding to general questions from users.

If you enable both Support and General Q/A and Appointment Booking with a booking link, the bot assists users with their queries while also providing them a link for scheduling appointments.

Support and General Q/A Enabled Plus Appointment Booking with Direct Appointment Booking:

If you enable Support and General Q/A and Appointment Booking with Direct Appointment Booking, the bot will provide general support and guide users through scheduling appointments directly.

We hope you'll find these enhancements helpful in your interactions with your users! For more updates like this, don't forget to check our Product Updates section.

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