Introducing Enhanced Google Business Profile Integration: A Smoother Approach to Streamline Your Business Presence

Streamline Your Business Presence with Improved Google Business Profile Integration

We're thrilled to announce significant enhancements to our Google Business Profile integration features, designed to refine the experience and streamline the integration process. With this update, you can now access robust error visibility and enjoy a more streamlined troubleshooting experience.

Heightened Error Visibility

Our user interface is now equipped with improved measures to identify potential errors swiftly. Amongst these include:

Ownership Conflicts

There are instances where a Google Business Profile location gets mapped with another account. If you come across this, our improved UI will highlight this for you.

Suspended or Disabled Google Business Profile Accounts

Stay compliant with Google Security guidelines seamlessly. If your Google account gets suspended or disabled, our New UI informs you immediately.

Unverified Accounts

If your account requires re-verification, or if the verification process is still ongoing, you will be proactively notified.

Automatic Email to Google Support

We've made leaps by introducing an automatic email system to Google Support. Whenever an 'Unlaunch Agent' issue arises, we provide automated support. For instance, if we discover a Google Business Profile listing launched with a partner other than SMBcrm, we automatically dispatch 'Unlaunch Emails' to Google Messaging support from the respective locations.

Addressing the Issue of Multiple Agents

We've implemented a concurrent request block on the API for the same Google Business Profile PlaceID to prevent multiple agents being created for the same account in our system. This ensures a smoother and more streamlined user experience.

Make sure to refer to our FAQ page for any clarifying questions or reach out through our contact page.

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