Introducing Enhanced Margin and Padding Options for Mobile Apps

Introducing Enhanced Margin and Padding Options for Mobile Apps

With great pleasure, we’re announcing the new margin and padding settings for mobile apps, now available on SMBcrm. This highly requested feature for our website and funnel builder is finally here, allowing users to set unique margin and padding settings for mobile and desktop views.

With these advanced customization options, you can ensure optimal design layouts for various screen sizes, enhancing the user experience.

Features of Margin and Padding Settings Update

This update brings two main new features:

  1. Margin and padding settings for mobile view: Now you can customize the space around elements in the mobile view of your funnels and websites. This gives you more control over the presentation of content on smaller screens.
  2. Enabled margin left and right for all elements: Regardless of whether you’re working with images, blocks of text, or other elements, you can now adjust the left and right margins. This provides additional design flexibility for diverse screen sizes and orientations.

Margin and Padding Settings Screenshot

How This Feature Can Be Utilized?

This feature plays a crucial role in two scenarios:

  • Adjusting Grid Layouts: With separate margin padding for mobile view, now you can perfect the look of grid layouts by adjusting the space around and between elements, ensuring your content looks its best, regardless of screen size.
  • Improving Element Placement: The separation of margin settings for desktop and mobile gives you more control over the visual placement of elements, enabling a more tailored user experience on mobile devices.

Major Pain Point Resolved

Previously, users had to make sections, use different margin and padding adjustments for multiple devices, then hide unnecessary sections from one device. This update eliminates that need, providing a streamlined, user-friendly experience.

How to Implement This Feature?

Implementing the new margin and padding settings is straightforward.

  • Select the element you wish to modify in the website or funnel builder.
  • Go to the ‘Element Settings’, then navigate to the ‘Margin and Padding’ setting.
  • Adjust the settings for desktop view; these changes will automatically apply to mobile devices.
  • Switch to mobile view by clicking the desktop icon, then make margin or padding changes for the mobile view. These changes won’t affect desktop views.
  • To modify settings for the desktop view again, switch back to the desktop view and adjust as needed. Changes made in this view now only impact the desktop version.

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