Introducing Enhanced Message Status and Error Insights: Clearer Communication for Your Outreach Efforts

Exciting Updates to SMBcrm's Message Status and Error Insights 📣

In our quest for clarity and transparency, we have revamped the way you comprehend message statuses and errors. With these optimized updates, your understanding of customer communication becomes clearer and smoother!

What's New? 🎈

🔍 Precise Messaging Statuses: Our developments now offer more accurate final status updates. This reduces any potential billing and reporting discrepancies, ensuring smoother operation of your customer outreach efforts through our leads capturing platform.

🚫 Improved Error Descriptions: Let's get into the root cause of the issue. We have refined descriptions for common message errors providing clearer understanding. This means you and your customers are always in the know, maintaining that crucial transparency and trust in your communication.

Breakdown of Errors 🔧

Here, we outline what each Error Code stands for, ensuring you know exactly what's happening and respond effectively.

  • Error 11751 – "Media Size Limit" – Media exceeds the messaging provider size limit.
  • Error 30001 – "Queue OverFlow" – Too many messages sent too quickly.
  • Error 30002 – "SMS Capabilities Suspended" – SMS sending capabilities have been restricted due to violation.
  • Error 30003 – “Unreachable destination handset” – The recipient device is switched off or unavailable.
  • Error 30005 – “Unknown destination handset” – The recipient number is unknown or may no longer exist.
  • Error 30006 – “Landline or Unreachable Carrier” – Sent message either reached a landline or was unable to reach the carrier.
  • Error 30007 – “Carrier Violation” – A restrictions implemented by the carrier prevents the message from being delivered.
  • Error 30008 – “Unknown Error” – Message delivery failed due to unknown reasons.
  • Error 30011 – “MMS Error” – The recipient's device either does not support MMS or it is not currently enabled.
  • Error 30019 – “SMS Size Limit” – Error occurred if the SMS exceeds an advisable length of 320 characters.
  • Error 30023 – “US A2P 10 DLC – Daily cap Limit Reached” – Maximum allowable daily messages for your Brand to the carrier sent.
  • Error 30032 – “Toll Free Registration Pending” – Toll-free number registration verification pending for traffic in USA and Canada.
  • Error 30034 – “A2P Registration Pending” – Sending issues as the A2P 10DLC number is not associated with an approved A2P 10DLC campaign.

Here's an example of how the updated platform will look:

Update image

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding these updates.

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