Introducing Enhanced Mobile Support: Conversation AI Now Available

Enhanced Mobile Support now Features Conversation AI

We’re excited to bring you a key update that significantly enhances the capabilities of your mobile experience. With this change, you’re gaining access to our advanced Conversation AI, right on your mobile device.

Introducing Suggestive Mode

The Suggestive Mode is set to revolutionize the way you interact with your leads. With this innovative feature, you’ll receive AI-based suggestions for your new messages across various supported channels. The power to quickly send these suggestions and the capability to edit them before sending means greater convenience and efficiency in your operations.

AI-based suggestions for new messages

Activate the Auto Pilot Mode

When you’re managing multiple tasks and working around the clock, every bit of automation helps. In this update, we’re including the Auto Pilot Mode. This novel feature allows you to automatically send responses to new incoming queries in your messages. This way, you’re never missing out on a potential lead, even when you’re busy tending to other areas of your business.

Automatic response feature

Improve Feedback and Bot Training

We value your opinion, and with this update, we’re launching a feature that lets you give feedback and train the AI bot with ease. You can now provide your insights on auto-generated responses right from your mobile device. Your feedback will help us improve the responses and foster a more effective conversation with your leads.

Provide feedback to train the AI

This update is available from version 3.71 or later on SMBcrm. If you’re utilizing our white label services and would like to request an update, feel free to reach out to us here.

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