Introducing Enhanced Multiple Recipient Support for Proposals and Estimates

Exciting Feature Update: Multiple Recipient Support for Proposals and Estimates

We're pleased to announce a significant update to our Proposals and Estimates features. With this latest enhancement, businesses will now have the ability to send and assign signature elements to multiple recipients, instead of just one contact per document. This includes the added functionality that allows you to assign the signature to the business user who is sending the proposal.

Each recipient will receive a unique link that will allow them to sign only their respective part of the document. Recipients associated with a signature field will be referred to as Signers, while those without a signature field will be termed as the CC recipients.

Multiple recipient support on Proposals

The beauty of this feature is in its efficiency. A signed PDF copy of the document, along with the signature certificate, will be generated after all the participants have signed or accepted the document. The signature certificate will include valuable information such as the IP address, location, viewed, and signed date and time for all recipients who will sign the document.

Multiple signatures on one document

By default, the first recipient added will be treated as the primary recipient of the document. This means that any custom fields will be populated according to this primary recipient's information. Upon full acceptance or signing by all parties, an invoice will also be generated for the primary client.

Proposals and Estimates features update

This update takes your document management to the next level, providing more flexibility and control, as well as enhancing the communication and understanding between you and your clients.

Improved functionalities

Feel free to explore this new feature, and we believe it will bring immense benefits in running your business operations. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us. Drop us a line anytime using our contact us page, we're eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

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Multiple recipient support