Introducing Enhanced Permissions: Experience Interactive CRM with Camera and Microphone Access

Are you seeking a more interactive and immersive CRM experience? We have some great news for you. Our relentless pursuit of product improvement has led us to roll out another significant upgrade. Known for seamlessly integrating with your daily business operations, our CRM tool now supports camera & microphone inputs for custom links.

Embrace Interactive Communication with Camera & Microphone Access

The custom links in our CRM now come enhanced with camera and microphone permissions. Effectively, this means users can allow access to camera and microphone for custom links mounted within iframes. So, whether you want to record video messages or create audio clips, our CRM provides you the convenience to do it directly.


This fantastic feature update enables users to make the most of video and audio inputs within their CRM activities, making the process much more interactive and engaging.

How to Enable Access?

To leverage this feature, all you need to do is update your existing custom links and enable the 'Allow Camera' & 'Allow Microphone' options. And, if you are kick-starting your journey with us, then while creating new custom links, make sure to enable these options.

Do note that respecting your privacy and security, these options come disabled by default. You have full autonomy and need to consciously enable them based on your specific needs.

We hope you make the most of this update and use it to further enrich your CRM experience. Dive into a more personalized and engaging CRM process like never before.

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Want to see the feature in Action?

If you are eager to see the feature in action or have any queries, don't hesitate to Request a Demo from us. We would be excited to assist and walk you through it.

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