Introducing Enhanced Product Catalog Feature on Mobile

Introducing the Enhanced Product Catalog Feature on Mobile

We’re thrilled to share an important update we’ve made in our Point-of-Sale module on Mobile – Our reimagined Product Catalog.

This newly introduced feature permits you to select from a comprehensive list of all the products/services you offer. You no longer have to manually tally the total amount your customer needs to pay. With Product Catalog, simply add products or services to your checkout directly from your catalog and charge your customers using Tap to Pay.

This enhancement of the Mobile POS module is accessible on the, LeadConnector app, and whitelabelled apps (update request needed).

What’s New with Our Product Catalog?

New Design

We’ve revamped the UX/UI to give you a beautifully crafted screen, showcasing all your products on a single page.

Multiple Variants

Having multiple variants for a product? No problem! You can use the product catalog to select the specific variant combination that your customer needs.

Dynamic Pricing

The pricing is designed to be dynamic and will adjust automatically based on the selected variant/pricing model and the quantity selected. No need for manual intervention.

Cohesion with Keypad

The featured Product Catalog seamlessly interacts with the existing Keypad screen. It allows you to add “Custom” items along with items chosen from the Product Catalog.

How It Works

  1. Open your account with the Mobile App.
  2. Navigate to POS by clicking the 3rd icon (middle) on the bottom navigation bar.
  3. Switch from the ‘Keypad’ tab to the ‘Catalog’ tab. Now, you will see all the created products for that account.
  4. Click on a product to reveal a user-friendly interface with all the variants, pricing models, and a quantity counter.
  5. Select the relevant variant combination, choose the quantity, and click on “Add” to add the product to the checkout step. Once added, a quantity counter will appear next to the product name to track the item quantity added to your checkout step. You can adjust the quantity with this counter.
  6. If you need to add a different variant of the same product, click on the “+” button on the quantity counter and select “New Customization”.
  7. After adding the products for your customer, proceed to the checkout page to accept payment via Tap to Pay.

Bonus tip: You can manually enter the amount from the keypad screen and also select products from the product catalog. The total amount will automatically update, considering both flows.

Why This Matters

The addition of Product Catalog to our Mobile app significantly improves the existing POS system. It provides a powerful, convenient solution for instant sales across your offerings using Tap to Pay — a game-changing feature for all businesses, regardless of niche or industry.

What’s Next?

  1. Add Tax: If taxes are created and linked to a product, they automatically get counted in the Product Catalog. The final amount will include all relevant taxes.
  2. Attach Notes to Items: This feature is particularly useful for “Custom” items added from the keypad screen as it allows labelling of products as needed by the business at the time of making a sale.
  3. Integration of Product Catalog with Invoices: Our existing invoice feature will leverage the product catalog, enabling businesses to effortlessly create and share invoices with their customers.

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