Introducing Enhanced Text Area Controls in Conversation AI

Product Update: Improved Text Area Controls in Conversation AI

We are excited to announce a new product update allowing you to have improved controls in our Conversation AI platform. Previously, users experienced limitations when it came to resizing the text area within the Conversation AI actions. This constraint often affected message formatting and the overall readability of the text.

We worked on addressing your feedback and are happy to announce that the ability to resize the text area in Conversation AI actions is now available.

Resizable TextArea in Conversation AI

The improved text resize feature now gives you greater control and flexibility over your messages. This enhancement is ideal for larger bodies of text, ensuring optimal readability and formatting for your team.

We continuously strive to ensure our users have the best experience and are highly responsive to feedback. If you notice any issues, or have additional suggestions to improve our platform, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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