Facebook Tracking Events with Pixel API

New Product Update – Facebook Tracking Events Integration using Pixel and Conversion API (CAPI)

Seamlessly send tracking events data to Facebook using the Facebook Pixel and Conversion API. This will provide enhanced tracking capabilities to optimize your marketing efforts and improve your business insights.

Key Features

  • Facebook Pixel Integration: Easily send event data to Facebook by submitting your Pixel ID.
  • Conversion API Support: Choose to send event data via Facebook Conversion API by entering an access token.
  • Flexible Tracking Options: Choose whether you want Funnel-level tracking or Page-specific tracking. The former monitors events across the entire customer journey, while the latter tracks events on specific pages.
  • Event Types: Decide whether to track events on page views or on upcoming triggers such as one-step or two-step order form submission.
  • Multiple Pixels: Manage multiple Pixel IDs for comprehensive tracking across different segments.
  • Summary Table: View and manage all your tracking configurations in a user-friendly summary table.

How to Use?

  1. Login to your account, go to Sites and choose any funnel or website by clicking on the Funnels or Websites tab, respectively.
  2. Open the funnel/website you want to send track events on. Go to the Events tab in the funnel/website overview screen.Events Tab
  3. Click ‘Add event’ and enter your Pixel ID. You can find the instructions to locate and add your Pixel ID.Add Event
  4. Choose Tracking Level: decide whether you want to track events at the funnel level or on specific pages.
  5. Enable Conversion API: If you wish to send data using the Conversion API, select this option and enter your access token.

Enable CAPI

  1. Add and configure multiple Pixel IDs as needed and view them in the summary table for easy management.Summary Table

This feature will give you more control and flexibility over event tracking. By integrating with Facebook Pixel and Conversion API, you can:

  • Gain deeper insights into user behavior and conversion metrics.
  • Optimize your advertising strategies with accurate event data.
  • Improve the efficiency of your marketing campaigns by targeting users based on detailed event tracking.

Happy tracking! ?✨

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