Introducing Fresh Product Rollout and SEO Progressions

Unveiling New Product Collection Element & SEO Advancements

We are excited to share some new enhancements in SMBcrm to help simplify and enhance your online store management experience. Many of our users offer a wide range of products which can belong to different collections. To provide a simplified and coherent browsing experience to your customers, we are introducing a new Product Collection Element.

This new feature will let you display select collections on any page of your store that is enabled for online transactions. You can now attach images and SEO details to your collections, propelling your store’s user experience to a whole new level.

Structuring Your Collections

To get started, head over to Payments -> Products -> Collections. Here, you can organize your product collection by providing the necessary details including name, image, SEO title, SEO description, and handle.

The Collection List Element

With your collections set up, navigate to the generative space of your store page. Here, you can use the Collection List Element from the Store section. By default, this element contains three placeholder collections complete with names and images.

Modify these placeholder collections to mirror your actual collections by tweaking settings such as heading, margin padding, colors, borders, and fonts. By default, three collections will be shown per row. This figure can be adjusted for both desktop and mobile under the layout tab. The ceiling value is set at five and two columns respectively for both devices.

Should you choose to drop the heading, leave the Headline field under Text options blank.

To choose which collections will be shown, simply click on a collection listed under the Collections group. This will allow you to select a collection of your choice. Remember to replace the placeholder collections with real ones as the placeholders won’t serve any purpose on your live site.

Once you’re satisfied with the changes, hit save or publish to apply these adjustments to your site!

Product Collections Configuration
Adding the Collections Element
Configuring Settings for Collections
Choosing Real Collections

Key Features of the Product Collection Element

One of the key features of this new tool is the ability to center collection text to a specific collection item with a complementing background when an image isn’t available.

The images you upload for your collections along with SEO details will form the SEO tags for product list pages with a collection filter. This enhancement aims to provide a sleek and organized viewing experience for customers while improving the SEO of your store’s product list page.

Throughout the development of these product enhancements, our goal has always been to give you the freedom to create an inimitable online store experience that’s highly conducive to time-efficient browsing.

Move to the Product Updates Page to familiarize yourself with more developments designed to streamline workflow and take advantage of the cutting-edge technology at your fingertips.

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