Introducing Fully Customized Email Notifications for Elevated Proposals/Estimates Communications

Elevate Your Proposals/Estimates Communications with Fully Customized Email Notifications

We’re thrilled to announce that our Proposals/Estimates are now offering a suite of enhancements. These enhancements are designed to provide businesses with even more control over their communication workflows.

Forge a Stronger Connection with Personalized Email Templates

First, businesses can now utilize personalized email templates when sending documents or signed copies to clients. This feature takes you beyond the basic system-generated messages allowing the creation of templates that mimic your brand’s tone and communication style.

Access User-Friendly Settings Fast and Easy

To provide you with a hassle-free setting up process, you’ll find these customizations options located within the Settings page. Look for the sections titled “Customer Notifications” and “Team Notifications.”

Stay Updated with Default Team Notifications

To ensure quick and efficient communication, team notifications are now set to be sent to the business user who is dispatching the proposal or document. This way, the sender stays updated throughout the process.

Upgrade to Dynamic Proposal Customization

Lastly, to boost your communication potential even further, we’ve enabled the insertion of proposal custom values straight into the email content. Now, you can easily include details such as links, customer details, total amounts and more to make your email communication more engaging and informative.

Customised Email Notifications
User-Friendly Settings
Dynamic Proposal Customization

Stay tuned for more enhancements and updates in the pipeline. We are committed to making your lead nurturing journey with Leads365 as productive and seamless as possible.

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