Introducing Granular Insights for Enhanced Data Analysis

We’re excited to introduce an innovative feature that will transform your data analysis: Granular Insights. This latest update allows you to delve more in-depth into your dashboard metrics like never before!

What’s New?

Interactive Graphs: Each widget on your dashboard now serves as an engaging portal to a wealth of data. Just click on any part of the widget, whether it’s a line graph node or a bar graph bar, to unlock a wealth of information.

Record View: Gain a comprehensive look at the records fueling the metrics with a user-friendly table view. Understand key fields and parameters at a glance, strengthening your ability to make informed decisions.

CSV Export: Need to push your analysis further? We’ve got you covered! With a click, you can export your records as a CSV file. This feature is available for Table widgets as well.

How It Works:

  1. Navigate to Your Dashboard
  2. Click any widget node or component
  3. Examine the table list of records, including the essential fields and parameters
  4. Export your records as a CSV file for advanced analysis, if required

Why it Matters:

Efficient Analysis: Forget guesswork! With interactive graphs and record views, you’ll gain unparalleled insight into your data, fostering smarter, data-driven decisions.

Increased Efficiency: Say goodbye to hurdles in gaining access to crucial information. With Granular Insights, accessing and analyzing your data is more swift and intuitive than ever. Tab-1712643396484image

Important Note: Do not close or switch tabs while exporting is in progress. Granular Insights does not support third-party reliant widgets (like FB and Google).

To learn more about the Dashboard and all its features, check out our Dashboard Usage Guide.

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