Introducing Hands-on Documents & Contracts: Upgrade Your Business

Elevate Your Business with Our New Feature: Introducing Hands-on Documents & Contracts

We’ve heard your feedback, and we’re pleased to announce a substantial upgrade to our platform. We’ve redesigned our Proposals and Estimates into a new, all-encompassing Documents & Contracts feature. This update will significantly simplify your work processes and improve productivity.

This change opens the door to a more versatile system for handling business agreements. You’ll find it incredibly easy to manage legal multi-party contracts and agreements, saving you time and effort with our intuitive, user-friendly controls.

No More Starting Documents from Scratch

Gone are the days of building lengthy documents from the ground up within the email builder. Now, you can upload your pre-existing PDF documents directly, eliminating manual data entry and reducing the time spent on setting up new projects.

This quick and simple procedure means you can dive straight into customizing and adapting your Documents & Contracts to suit your needs.

Floating Signature Elements and Multi-party Agreements

The floating signature element has made signing multi-party agreements easier than ever. You can effortlessly place the signature element anywhere in the document, even in the same line for multiple signers.

This flexibility and convenience support a swift signing process, ensuring all essentials are addressed promptly and professionally.

See it in action here:

To make the process even smoother, the uploaded PDF’s name is automatically taken as the document name, saving you more time, and assuring consistency across your projects.

This upgrade strives to offer a more streamlined, effective, and enjoyable experience for our users. We are excited to see how you leverage these new features to elevate your business.

We are constantly working to improve our product, stay tuned to our latest updates on the product updates page.

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