Introducing Invite Links: Effortlessly Add Members to Your Groups

We’re thrilled to announce a new feature that makes adding members to your groups as easy as sharing a link. Our latest development, the Invite Links feature, is designed to simplify this process for Admins and Owners.

Navigating to your group's People Tab and selecting 'Invite > Invitation link' now gives Admins and Owners the power to create unique invite links. This user-friendly tool streamlines the invitation process, eliminating the need for manual individual invitations.

Share Invites Effortlessly

Armed with your generated invite link, inviting new members is as simple as sharing the link. Whether you want to quickly add numerous members or pull in a new user from outside the setting – all is possible with just one link.

Keeping Approval Standards Intact

Even as we introduce this new, efficient invitation method, we’ll maintain your group's existing standards for approving new members. The traditional approval process remains in place for private groups to ensure the security and privacy expectations of your group are met.

Making Joining Easy for Users

For those receiving an invite link, joining is a breeze. When a user clicks on an invite link, a personalised pop-up modal will appear. If they’re new to the system, they can sign up at this stage. Otherwise, they can just log in with their existing credentials.

Create Unique Invite Links
Share Link Via Various Channels
New User Signup or Login

Our new feature simplifies processes for both Admins and Users and is just another way we are continuously trying to enhance the SMBcrm ecosystem for our community.

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