Introducing LeadConnector Mobile App Version 3.49.4: A New Dimension of Efficiency and User Experience

We are thrilled to announce the latest update to the LeadConnector mobile app, version 3.49.4. The comprehensive upgrade introduces an array of exciting new features and improvements, all built to enhance your user experience and increase efficiency.

Fresh Features

Revitalized Conversations: We’re rolling out an extensive upgrade to conversations. Now, experience superior customer communications with local caching and filters.

Redefining Dashboard: Stay in the know with our new Dashboard module tucked under the side menu.

Improved Notifications: Get updated in style with our polished Notifications module showcasing a fresh new UI/UX.

Simplified Recurring Invoices: Streamline your billing process by effortlessly creating and managing recurring invoices.

Independent Invoices: No longer bound to Stripe Connect, your customers can now create and send invoices seamlessly.

Multilingual Support: Cater to a global audience with our app that now includes support for 13 languages.

Adaptable Calendar Settings: Modify your app preferences to set your preferred start day of the week in the calendar.

Refined Appointment Enhancements: An uncluttered, responsive UI with a filter for calendars list based on user roles, and improved error messages for contact creation.

Detailed Insights for Sub-Accounts: Dig deeper into your analytics with the new sub-account tab in the Insights module.

Crucial Fixes

We’ve addressed significant bugs to upgrade your app experience:

  • Navigation to deleted conversations
  • Navigation from push notifications to conversations
  • Auto-logout when password is changed in an active session, among others.

Minor glitches have also been fixed to make your app run smoother than ever before.

This new version will be gradually made available to all users over the course of the week due to its extensive feature list.

These incremental improvements embody our commitment to offer an enhanced experience and make our mobile app quicker and more reliable for your customers.

Get ready to experience these innovative upgrades and enjoy a ramped up user experience.

Request a demo to see these new features in action.

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