Introducing Lightning Fast Funnel & Website Optimization for Maximum Performance

Skyrocketing Optimization: Major Speed Improvements for Funnel & Websites

What's the Latest?

We're excited to announce that we've rolled out major enhancements which have contributed to some significant speed improvements for your Funnel and Websites.

What's Changed?

We've made five major changes to optimize performance at the base level. These include:

  • Render-blocking CSS: Eliminating a few render-blocking CSS. These could previously slow down the loading of your funnel and websites.

  • Icon links: Preloading icon links. This tweak ensures key components in your content are delivered quickly.

  • Image loading: Implementing eager loading of images above the fold, enabling quicker access for users.

  • Popup elements: Restructuring render so that popup elements are only loaded when they’re opened. This reduces unnecessary load time of unused elements.

  • Data Payload: Reduced initial payload size to ensure a faster loading time.

What's Been Enhanced?

Our application of these changes has translated into improved pagespeed scores that include:

  • Faster initial web paint: Pages are painted much faster than before, improving the First Contentful Paint (FCP) and enhancing the perceived page speed.

  • Payload size reduction: Given that we've managed to reduce the data payload, pagespeed tests on mobile with a slower connection can download data faster, enabling better FCP results.

  • Improved pagespeed scores: We've seen a significant improvement in our desktop and mobile speed tests, all thanks to these latest changes.

Have any questions or need further details about these updates? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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