Introducing LinkedIn Lead Integration: Streamline and Optimize Your Lead Management

We're thrilled to bring you an exciting new feature: the LinkedIn lead integration. This innovative tool has been meticulously crafted to streamline and enhance your lead management process.

What's New?

With this new feature, you can now connect your LinkedIn account and watch as leads are seamlessly integrated into your CRM. This LinkedIn Lead Ads integration means you can channel leads from LinkedIn directly into the CRM, just as you would with Facebook and TikTok.

There's no limit on the number of LinkedIn pages or Ad accounts you can link. You can manage multiple LinkedIn accounts at the account level, giving you incredible freedom and flexibility.

We've also added customizable lead syncing options. You can opt to import leads from the past 90 days, or focus only on new leads – whichever approach best suits your needs.

How to Implement the LinkedIn Integration

Implementing the new LinkedIn integration is simple:

  • Activate the Feature: Navigate to the Labs settings and enable the LinkedIn Integration.

  • Initiate Connection to LinkedIn: On the integrations page, click "Connect" next to LinkedIn.

  • Authorize the Account: Log in to LinkedIn and grant the necessary permissions.

  • Specify Preferences: Select your desired ad accounts and set your preferred sync time (All leads or New leads only).

  • Establish the Connection: Click "Connect" to initiate the integration process.

  • Field Mapping: Visit the form field mapping section and adjust the fields according to your requirements.

  • Lead Collection: Once set up, leads will automatically populate in the contacts section.

For more detailed instructions on setting up this feature, visit our FAQ.

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With these powerful tools, SMBcrm is dedicated to revolutionizing your lead generation and management processes. Let's take your business to new heights together!

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