Live Custom Value Rendering for PDFs

New Product Update – Documents and Contracts: Enabled Live Custom Value Rendering for Better Final PDFs and Element Placement


Creating accurate and professional documents just got easier with our latest update. Have you ever placed a custom value within a document, only to find your carefully positioned signature elements are completely misplaced in the final PDF? Not anymore!

Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 19
Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 19

What’s New?

  • Automatic Custom Variable Population in Document Builder: Now, when you type a custom variable in the format {{custom_variable}}, it will automatically populate with the corresponding value.
  • Auto-populate Custom Variables: If no primary contact is selected, the custom variables will not render any values, maintaining the template format.
  • Backspace/Delete Key Handling: If you press the backspace or delete key while the cursor is within the populated value, the value is removed, and it reverts to the custom variable template.
  • Editable Custom Variable Templates: You can now seamlessly edit the custom variable templates, ensuring they remain in the format {{custom_variable}} until fully deleted.

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 8

How to Use?

  • Type a Custom Variable: Within the document builder, input your custom variable in the format {{custom_variable}}. If a primary contact is selected, it will automatically populate with the appropriate value.
  • No Primary Contact: If no primary contact is selected, the custom variable will stay as {{custom_variable}} without rendering any value.
  • Handling Backspace/Delete Key: To remove a populated custom variable value, place the cursor within the value and press backspace or delete. The value will revert to the custom variable template. You can edit the custom variable template by deleting characters, ensuring it remains editable (e.g., {{name}} can be edited to {{nam}}).

Why This Feature?

Previously, the disparity between the document’s editing mode and its final version caused by variable-length custom values could distort the final PDF sent to customers, misplacing essential elements like signatures. This new feature significantly enhances the document builder’s functionality, providing a smoother, more efficient experience when working with custom variables.

Enhance your document creation efficiency today!

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