Introducing Live Typography Preview: Revolutionize Your Website Design Experience!

Elevate Your Website and Funnel Design Experience: Introducing Live Typography Preview!

We're always striving to make the website and funnel design process as effortless and intuitive as possible for our users. As part of this ongoing commitment, we've just introduced our live Typography Preview feature to our state-of-the-art Funnel Builder, available from LABS.

Out with The Old

Previously, users had to apply selected typography to their design to see how it would look. This process meant an additional step for our users, who couldn't view the font style right away.

In with The New

We've streamlined the process. Now you're able to preview a font before applying it, eliminating the extra step and making the design process faster and smoother. You can access and preview over 1500+ Google Fonts right from the dropdown menu in your typography settings.

How Best to Benefit

To experience these enhancements, navigate to your settings and turn on the brand-new Funnel Builder provided by LABS. Once active, head over to 'Builder', then choose 'Typography'. Here, you can select your desired font and immediately see how it looks before applying.

Here's a glimpse of this new feature in action:
Typography Preview

We trust this new feature will further enhance your website and funnel design experience on SMBcrm. Have queries or need assistance? Don't hesitate to reach out to us.

In case you missed it, you will find our previous enhancement – standardizing brand registrations – equally exciting and useful in optimizing your resource utilization!

Stay tuned for more updates to make your entrepreneurial journey with SMBcrm more fruitful and profitable.