Introducing: Manual Backups for WordPress Hosting!

New Add-on: Manual Backups For WordPress Hosting

We have something exciting to announce! This latest addition to our WordPress Hosting services should add an extra layer of security and control to your website management strategy. Introducing, manual backups for WordPress Hosting.

What’s New?

Manual Backups:
You can now manually back up your websites. This offers an added layer of data protection, giving you even more control.

Backup Frequency:
Need frequent data snapshots of your site? You can create up to five manual backups every fortnight, allowing you to maintain data integrity and protect crucial information.

Backup Lifespan:
Each manual backup will be accessible in the system for a solid 14-day window. This gives you ample time to revert to earlier versions of your site’s data, if needed.

Steps To Access Manual Backup:

  1. Navigate to Sites-> WordPress -> Backup and Restore
  2. Click ‘Backup Now’ and name your backup for easy recall.
  3. Select whether you want to backup Files, Database, or both.
  4. The backup is then saved to your dashboard. When you need to restore your WordPress site content to a previous version, just click on the restore option.


Image: Backup Now Option
Image: Backup Naming
Image: Dashboard Backup

Manual backups place you firmly in the driver’s seat of your website’s data, reducing data loss risk and ensuring easy accessibility. Optimise this feature to enjoy a greater peace of mind when managing your WordPress website.

Want to know more about manual backups and how to use them effectively? Check out our detailed documentation here.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please don’t hesitate to drop them on our contact page.

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