Introducing Membership Questions: Streamline Onboarding and Gather Vital Information

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added an enhancement to our community platform: Membership Questions. This new feature enables community owners and administrators to gather vital information from potential members while streamlining the onboarding process. It’s our commitment to fostering a purposeful and engaged community.

Key Features

Customizable Questions

Community owners now have the ability to add up to three membership questions from group settings.

These questions can be tailored to collect specific types of information from potential members, helping to ensure that each individual is the right fit for their community.

Diverse Answer Types

Our membership questions can handle a wide range of answer types for more versatile responses:

  • Text-based answers allow for detailed, open-ended responses.
  • Multiple Select options give users the opportunity to choose several options from a predefined list.
  • Single Select option lets members choose one response from a list of choices.

Universal Applicability

You can enable membership questions for any type of group on our platform, be it public, private, or even paid groups.

Seamless Joining Experience

Users can submit their responses to membership questions during the group joining process. This integration provides a more efficient onboarding experience and enhances user engagement.

Admin/Owner Review

With an easy-to-navigate review path, community administrators and owners can check out submitted answers by heading to the “Group Members” section and selecting “Requested”. This centralized spot simplifies the management of incoming member data, equipping community leaders with the vital information they require.

Member Approval Feature

Getting Started

If you’re a Community Owner/Admin, navigate to your group settings to add or modify membership questions. You can choose the question type and customize the wording to suit your community.

If you’re a Community Member, answer membership questions during the group joining process to reveal valuable insights to the community.

Seize the opportunity and enhance the engagement level of your community today. Visit our Product Updates page for latest feature releases and enhancements.

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