New Bulk Contact Import Disclaimer

New Product Update – Bulk Contact Import Disclaimer

What’s New:

Users will now see a disclaimer checkbox in the footer section during the bulk import of contacts. This disclaimer must be acknowledged before completing the import process. Failing to check this box will prompt users to do so before proceeding to the final step.


Why Are We Doing This?

  • Protect Your Sending Reputation: Importing bulk contacts without proper consent can lead to higher bounce and spam rates, negatively impacting your sending reputation.
  • Prevent Issues with Purchased or Rented Lists: Even if some lists claim to have opt-in consent, they may not be suitable for marketing communication tools. Contacts from purchased or rented sources are likely to bounce, unsubscribe, mark emails as spam, and may cause blocklistings.


  • Enhanced Compliance: Ensures that all imported contacts meet consent standards, protecting your account reputation.
  • Quality Assurance: Helps maintain high-quality contact lists, reducing the risk of bounces and spam complaints.
  • User Accountability: Encourages users to verify their contact sources, promoting responsible marketing practices.

By adding this mandatory disclaimer, we aim to help you maintain a healthier, more effective marketing strategy. Please ensure you acknowledge this disclaimer to proceed with your bulk contact imports smoothly!

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