Introducing New Payment Methods for Mobile Point of Sale

We’re excited to bring you our newest feature, expanding our mobile point-of-sale capabilities. Now, you can accept diverse payment methods on all your mobile devices. Whether it’s through cash, a saved credit or debit card, or even a manual entry for checks or bank transfers, we’ve got you covered.

What’s New

  1. Cards on File for POS: Smooth, easy transactions become even easier with the ability to save payment card details for each contact. Once a payment is accepted using a new card for a specific contact, it gets saved for future transactions, reducing friction for your repeat customers.
  2. Cash Payments on POS: Now, you can record cash payments right from your mobile device. Our system will also display the exact change to be returned to the customer ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every transaction.
  3. Manual Entry on POS: For payments made via check or bank transfer, you can manually record these for individual POS transactions to maintain comprehensive records.

How It Works

  1. Launch the mobile app, choosing the preferred account in use.
  2. Go over to the POS tab on the bottom bar to start a new transaction using your Product Catalog/Keypad.
  3. Link a contact to the transaction, and then review all the transaction details. After making sure everything is in order, select “Choose Payment Instrument”.
  4. Pick your desired payment method.
  5. Enter the tip amount.
  6. Accept the payment through your chosen payment method!

Note: Should you want to accept payment via a saved card, please ensure you link the correct contact on the Review Payment screen. Saved cards won’t appear if the transaction is not linked to a contact.

Why it Matters

This update gives you more flexibility, allowing our mobile Point-of-Sale to run on all devices, not just those with NFC support. From iPads to tablets, any device with our app installed is ready to transact.

Please note, Tap to Pay and Cards on File are currently supported for Stripe providers only. You’ll also need to be on version v3.71 or later for this to be available. Check out the screenshots below for a closer look!

Payment Instruments Example Image
Card payment Example Image
Cash payment Example Image
Manual Entry Example Image
Check payment Example Image

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