Introducing New Save and Publish Features for an Enhanced Funnel/Website Builder Experience

Enhancing Your Funnel/Website Builder Experience with New Save and Publish Features

We’re thrilled to share our brand new saving and publishing features that will considerably bolster the functionality of your funnel and website builder. These features will provide you unparalleled control and ease during your creative and publishing phases.

The New Add-Ons

Save Drafts:
Now, save a draft of your content prior to publishing, which allows room for more iterative and collaborative content creation. This feature works no matter the content type, whether it’s a webpage, blog post, or more. Save your current project and return back to it without impacting the live site.

Have the power to decide which version of your content should be published on your live sites. This guarantees only approved and final content is available to the audience that minimizes chances of errors and makes the publishing process efficient. You can now freely experiment knowing you’ve got complete control over the content going live.

Attach Domain from Builder:
Attach a domain to the funnel once your page is published, and if the funnel has no present connection to any domain.

Publish from Versions List:
Decide any version of the page to publish simply by selecting the version and publishing it from the versions section, without the need to restore it.

Live Tag in Versions List:
A new ‘Live’ tag will appear in the versions list indicating which version has been published and is serving as a live site version.

Using These New Features

Creating Drafts:

  1. Begin creating or editing your chosen content.
  2. Opt for the “Save” option to preserve your work as a new version.


  1. Choose the version of your content you want to publish.
  2. Select “Publish” to make that version live on your site.
  3. Remember: Direct publishing without saving will overwrite changes in the current version.


  1. See the “Versions” tab to view and manage different versions of your content.
  2. Restore the version.
  3. Publish a different version without restoring.

Attaching domains:

  1. If a funnel does not have any connected domain, clicking publish will prompt user to attach a domain via the new domain attach popup.
  2. Connect the domain, and the version will be published.

Save and Publish Features
Publishing Button
Versions Management
Attaching Domains

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