New Text Formatting Feature: Superscript & Subscript

Elevate Your Content with Our New Product Update

We are excited to announce our latest tool update which allows users to effortlessly format their text with raised (superscript) or lowered (subscript) characters. This addition brings more versatility and clarity to the content you create on your funnels or websites.

Our superscript and subscript offerings use the sup and sub tags respectively. Not only do these tags improve readability, they also contribute to your content’s SEO and overall HTML structure.

Superscript text comes in handy for numerous applications. For instance, you may find use for it when you need to denote exponents, certain measurement units, or trademark symbols like TM, SM, ® etc. On the other hand, subscript text is typically used for demonstrating mathematical equations and chemical formulas. Subscript can also be used to distinctly denote footnote numbers.

So, how can you make use of this new feature?

Simply follow these steps:

  • Add or edit any element with a text editor such as a headline, sub-headline, paragraph etc.
  • Highlight the characters or word of your choice.
  • Turn on the subscript or superscript icons from the text editor bubble menu.

Please refer to the images below for a visual example:

Superscript and Subscript Example 1
Superscript and Subscript Example 2

The new feature brings a fresh array of customization capabilities, helping you to better tailor your content to your specific needs and preferences. If you haven’t already, try it out for yourself and experience the difference.

In Case You Missed It

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